Granola Guaraná Berry

Zero Grams Trans Fat per serving, No artificial preservatives, Provides Iron, Low in Sodium, Good Source of Fiber (Contains 4,5g of total fat per serving)


INGREDIENTS: oats, corn flakes (corn, malt extract, soy lecithin), rice crispies (rice, sugar, corn, oats, soy lecithin, malt extract, salt), coconut, guaraná nuggets (sugar, apple pomace, inulin, vegetable fat, pectin, guarana extract, alginate, modified starch, acidulant acid citric, potassium citrate, annatto extract, caramel and narutal  flavor), organic Demerara sugar, brown sugar, molasses, sesame, brown flaxseed, honey, guarana extract and narutal  flavor.

CONTAINS: Soy and Tree Nuts (Coconut).

STORAGE: Store in a dry and cool place

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